Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Artist Spotlight": The Rose

I thought it would be fun to post two "Artist Spotlights" this week to kick things off the right way. The next spotlight is on a unique artist, Kathleen DeCosmo, who creates themed roses, also known as Roses of Distinction. Kathleen and I met through Peter Bellis a few months back after she created a rose for The Conjure Man. I was especially excited to share this spotlight with everyone because I am such a fan of Kathleen and her artwork. Enjoy!

1. How long have you been creating Roses of Distinction/how did it begin?

I first introduced my roses to the world at the 2007 DeCosmo Family Reunion.

I designed a memorial rose of my husband’s grandparents to be passed out to almost 100 family members during a memorial service for our deceased. I was shocked and I mean shocked by the reactions to my roses. Grown men broke down and cried when they held the roses! It was quite emotional for all of us.

June 2007 I also designed a dozen Baby’s first year roses for my husband’s dear friend and colleague’s 1st grandchild.

I have a soft spot in my heart for this dear child Amelia Marie born prematurely on June 13th 2006. She shares her name with my mother in law Amelia (a nurse) and her twin sister Marie (a Doctor) born June 12th 1930. Little Amelia Marie’s mom is also a Dr.

I wanted to do something special to commemorate this very important first year of life for the family. I designed a rose for each of the 12 months and presented them to the family as a gift of life.

I have been actively designing and promoting my roses for many years and now I am ready to move forward and am very excited!

September 2009 I decided that I wanted to pursue KatieSheaDesigns as a family business.

My grown children are joining me. My youngest son is a graphic designer/artist. My daughter is in pharmaceutical marketing and also a talented artist. My oldest son has just graduated from college with a Business/Marketing degree.

February 2010 I introduced “Roses of Distinction”

I have made a lot of friends on twitter and I wanted to showcase some of my friend’s work and also promote them. I have had so much fun doing this. I have had a lot of requests to review people’s products for inspiration and to create “Roses of Distinction” for them and I am honored.

I also Blog and

My website has been in development and will be totally functional soon.

I also promote and advocate the use of LDN in treating Crohns Disease and MS. Please read LDN Beginnings on my blog @

I invite any and all inquiries. I can design for all occasions. Email me @

Please view my “Authors of Distinction Roses” @

2. Why did you want to participate with The Conjure Man book tour?

Well I was invited to participate when the tour started . I had spent some time with Peter Damian Bellis prior to his book release. Peter's passion and enthusiasm grabbed my attention immediately. We shared our creative processes we each have journeyed through the years.

Please Visit my Blog-->> Sitting with Peter Damian Bellis author of "The Conjure Man"
and also view "The Rose of Distinction" designed for "The Conjure Man"

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  1. Thank you for the honor of participating in this tour. The Conjure Man is a work of art and destined to be a great american classic!