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Reader Experiences
"Within moments of opening The Conjure Man by Peter Damian Bellis, I was transported to a place where low country yarns sprinkled with magical realism set my imagination ablaze. Drawn in deeper with the turning of each page, I could see the fog hovering over the murky swamps, hear the roar of a lonely alligator echo through the night, and smell the pungent perfume of the mysterious wilderness.

"Both innocent and startlingly wise, and told from two alternating viewpoints (one with a delightfully original dialect), The Conjure Man possesses the artful storytelling of days long gone by. As layers of symbolism and mythology unfolded, I was swept into the lives of Kilby, Jonas Lee, Tramsee, Thaddeus, and all the characters of this uniquely rendered tale. And what a tale it is. It had me thinking about superstitions, feeling the youthful joy of wonderment, and it often made me smile. I suspect if a gentleman by the name of Samuel Clemens were still alive, well, he’d be smiling too."
-Beth Hoffman, critically acclaimed New York Times Best Selling author of Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt
(Pamela Dorman Books/Viking)

"The Conjure Man is a story for readers, lovers of literature; it is a story for those who are willing to open themselves to a new reality and stretch their ideas about the reality they know. Peter Damian Bellis's story insists its readers dedicate, not only to the dialect and tone but also the characters, the unexpected turns, and most of all, the questions that drive the story forward.  The Conjure Man will swallow you whole, so don’t read it unless you you’re ready to be consumed."

Jen Knox (Author of Musical Chairs, a memoir) 
Jen Knox lives in San Antonio, Texas and teaches English at San Antonio College

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